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Automotive friction materials, from manufacturing to wisdom

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In May 2015, the state council officially issued by the "2025" made in China. Its core is to accelerate progress and promote the innovation in manufacturing efficiency and to realize the change of from a big manufacturing manufacturing powerhouse. File for fully implementing green manufacturing, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, achieve green low carbon development, and vigorously implement green technological innovation, strengthen the green technology innovation, speed up the technology development and application of advanced technology, the utility of the economic and feasible, can actively organize the implementation of overall energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, anti-pollution green solution integrated, systematic, to China's manufacturing industry, especially pointed out the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry, points out the problem.

In 2015, and therefore some media called "the first year of the transformation of the traditional enterprise". Now as to speed up the transformation and upgrading of economic development mode in our country, the international industrial division of labor pattern is reshaping when, in the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, has a large number of traditional manufacturing enterprises to declare bankruptcy. Both opportunities and challenges, China's manufacturing industry in common when facing the great challenge of international and domestic market, how to hold a significant historical opportunity, to build our country into a manufacturing powerhouse, leading the world manufacturing industry is a common problem needs the whole society.

From "manufacturing" to "smart"

2016 was the start of the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, familiar to all kinds of original pattern has changed:" Internet + "tide strikes, popular professional talents, capital market by the spring winter. In the face of the new economic situation, most traditional manufacturing showing brand aging, overcapacity, innovation-driven development underpowered, don't change, can only be eliminated by the market.

In the manufacture of the friction material, for example, mechanical and friction materials are used for sports equipment plays a driving, deceleration, steering, braking, parking, and so on the function of the parts. According to the function and installation of the rest parts mainly divided into the brake linings and clutch another. Friction materials in the automotive industry belongs to the security of key, motor starting, braking and parking cannot leave the friction material, the stand or fall of friction material, fit and unfit quality directly related with people's life and property safety, its function is self-evident.

As early as the sixties and seventies of the last century, our country began to produce friction materials, is one of the main production base of automotive friction materials in the world. However, the friction material production in China were mostly incoming, to sample processing, truly grasp core technology, independent research and development enterprise few and far between, and has been used in Japan product standards to check the quality of the friction material. Due to weak industrial base in China and some defects of the planned economy system, the automobile friction material industry with the international advanced level there is a big gap.

Foreign standard automotive friction materials are mainly in Europe, America, Japan, the Japanese auto industry association standard) and ISO series (mainly refer to European standards). National standards have to mouth docking unit management, such as Japan, beauty standards under centralized unit is the automobile association. In our country, there is no unified standard completely under centralized unit, both car mouth, mouth also have building materials, and mechanical, not unified management, natural hard to push meets the needs of times development and unified standard. The lack of industry standards, regulatory functions, transformation and upgrading of the automotive friction materials is become our country the first big stumbling block on the road.

Vice President of the Chinese association of friction sealing materials, electromechanical jilin university of technology institute, professor tie-shan wang said: "now, the new international standard, we have no voice. The current standard, we rarely change. So now we urgently need some standards accord with national conditions, including friction performance standards, standard test method, etc. The performance of the lack of standards seriously restricted the industry development and export, lead to the friction material with lower prices in the international market as the main way of competition."

In addition to the standard, the friction materials in China are still in the process, equipment and so on long-term follow the old mode of technology, production equipment, technology is poorer, single output pursuit, neglect the influence on the quality of equipment. The system, inflexible mechanism, the lack of creativity, technological progress is slow, new product development and product quality upgrading lags far behind the market demand. Lack of innovation, backward technology, this is the way of transformation and upgrading of friction material manufacturing industry in our country's second largest stumbling block.

"There is a strange phenomenon, we have advanced equipment not use equipment for research and development of enterprise, the main display to customers, in fact the real work time is very short." Professor tie-shan wang said, "the scientific research strength is poor. Our enterprise research and development strength is weak, reflect on talents, equipment and organization. The industry does not have a special research institutions engaged in theoretical research, making industry is relatively simple, detection means is relatively backward, and the main run behind abroad, research and development projects, but the lack of theoretical research, lead to the real technical breakthrough is less, this situation doesn't change, forever is difficult to improve technology level."

Management is more extensive, the production efficiency is not high, production capacity, economic scale is the fast growth, but it has been difficult to have a big breakthrough. The overall industry bloated, aging, not willing to change, this is the way of transformation and upgrading of friction material manufacturing industry in our country's third largest stumbling block.

Due to the aging industry standard, neither adjust measures to local conditions or to keep pace with The Times, the product specification cannot enter the mainstream in the international market standard evaluation system of friction material export quotas, the open economy become a climate. Most friction materials production enterprises or by continuous compression production costs, reduce product sales price, or to rely on China's export tax rebate policy, through the return of export goods in domestic production and circulation have actual pay value-added tax, consumption tax to obtain income, with the original intention of export, the country's transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing of friction material of the fourth biggest stumbling block on the road.

"Low excess capacity, a serious shortage of high grade product, each manufacturer the same formula, process, products lack competitive advantage, so the world China's production of brake pads quality is low, low prices, efficiency is not good, if not by export tax rebates, basically it is difficult to maintain, many factories is unsustainable and can only be closed end." Shenyang friction sealing material factory scientific original manager, senior engineer SiWanBao said.

Friction material change from "manufacturing" to "smart" has a long way to go. Fault phenomenon obvious technical power shortages, talents, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities to participate in, not build or natural form has enough power and prestige of the scientific research center and so on, causes the entire industry innovation ability is insufficient, technical force is limited, transformation and upgrading is harder.

In addition, due to the friction material from ingredients to suppress to processing, the whole process is relatively backward, so in the process of production, dust pollution, production conditions, especially small and medium enterprises. As a result, friction material industry workers easily silicosis. Some manufacturers in order to avoid this phenomenon has negative short-term LiuFangZhi, namely workers such as work time is not long, has not yet come on, just to make it move. This vicious cycle lead to the direct result of the industry is generally difficult to dismiss workers and professional technical talent shortage, in particular, the country's transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing of friction material of the fifth largest stumbling block on the road.

In order to not eliminated by the market, when upgrading traditional industries, on the one hand to "pre-emptive", on the other hand also pays attention to the upgrade of the technology.

Innovation is the key

Only the sunset technology, there is no sunset industry. For enterprises, the transformation of general can be divided into two kinds: the first one is forced to transition, namely how to can't solve, reversed transmission enterprise transformation, the transformation cost is very big, also is very painful, but the transformation will not die; , a second transition is foreseen type transformation actively, which requires corporate leaders have strong strategic insight into ability, the entrepreneurs are scarce.

To specialize in r&d and production of automotive friction materials in liaoning nine friction material co., LTD as an example, its chairman, 闫九龙 to realize state of automobile lightweight increasing emphasis, to mobilize the whole society of energy conservation and emissions reduction, then began to focus on the r&d and production of automobile light fittings.

"Since the founding of the domestic automobile brake pads from the material to the technology introduced from abroad, from rise to produce scale are from America, Japan and German car manufacturers, industry standards and using foreign advanced technology combined with national condition to formulate. 20 years ago, our country began to independent production of friction materials, but has not made breakthrough in material innovation and technology innovation. After 15 years of market research, I think from the market trend of the industry, if you don't make materials research and development and product innovation, the industry has come to an end." 闫九龙 said.

Change is not a dead end, to realize this problem at the same time, 闫九龙 in jilin university set up a research institute, started new friction materials research and development work.

Through continuous trial and error, from product development to product of industrialization has invested 65 million yuan, total 闫九龙 and his development team to research and development of silicon carbide alloy is the weight of the brake disc was 80% lower than the traditional brake disc, four wheels to reduce the weight of the nearly 150 jins, nearly 0.45 liter/save hundreds of kilometers, to auto parts lightweight has played a vital role. And its research and development of new friction materials for friction material industry in China is experiencing a warm winter.

Research and development of new materials mainly constitute of smelting iron and steel company down water and two smelting slag boil ashes, as well as in the iron ore tailings, and after the rest of the oil refining slag, high performance fiber and plant straw. This new technology also makes the amount of resin products fell by 80%, to 3% only, and is expected to be along with the advancement of research and development truly abandon the use of resin, minimize carcinogens.

This new material not only big and easy to access, and changed the traditional material thermal brake recession problems, solve the wading moment longer problem can't brake and braking distance, can solve the problem of the production and use of environmental protection, accord with the requirement of circular economy, achieve a low carbon economy. 闫九龙 said: "the birth of the materials that we made 21 items of national patents, we also bring in Germany mercedes-benz materials expert, he assessed that our products meet the European standard of environmental protection material, and stretch out thumb said Chinese people created the miracle, solved the human the pollution problem of automotive friction materials in more than one hundred years."

Industry chaos multi-level clean up together

New technology bring new vitality to traditional enterprises, but throughout the industry, to realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry as a whole, although the enterprise's own technology innovation is the key, but from the society and the support is essential.

Will tell from the enterprise itself, friction material in the formula on the lack of innovation in our country, and there is little difference between the prevalence of friction materials, increasing the cost of raw materials and labor cost advantage of price for friction materials in China are no longer. At the same time, environmental problems are very serious, in addition to the discharge of pollutants to the enterprise internal workshop pollution is very serious, serious impact on the health of workers, resulting in difficulty in recruitment.

From the point of view of society, the existing association of friction materials play a role, but the specific problem solving badly, the activities of the organization and not from set out actually, the benefit of the enterprise is not good, cause a series of problems.

From a national perspective, in line with the new industry standard for national conditions and time characteristics. Modify the standard time is too long, update the progress is slow, staff level is relatively low, almost not third-party standards, it is difficult to from the product need to consider, but from the enterprise point of view. On technical standards, also need countries set up the relevant departments, managed, from a perspective of the environmental protection requirements,

"Specifically," professor tie-shan wang said, "should first establish a standard system as soon as possible, our standard also should be controlled in the range of the advanced countries, revised once every five years, and add new content, and must be set by the third party to study the industry standard."

"Second, should be composed of a large platform for the friction material, the production units, materials unit, equipment manufacturing, product performance testing unit together, according to their professional conduct the thorough research to the division of labor. Must pay attention to the friction theory, start from the analysis of surface topography, for example, if you can good analysis, solve technical improvement and improve for us is very favorable. Existing friction material theory also can be used, but in some ways we view is different. We believe in the friction surface, for example, resin didn't take part in the work, because the surface friction heating, resin have been burned, so it is not directly involved in friction. Therefore under the guidance of theoretical research, design, development, and choosing the material of our faster."

"For the enterprise, the related equipment should be further upgraded. For example, can reduce the machine one environmental temperature, improve the production workers, to reduce dust. Liaoning nine through friction material co., LTD and jilin university institute of jilin equipment research and development of automation equipment, the new formulation system and original system is in line with the requirements of this aspect. On the raw materials, adopted at home and a completely different system of raw materials, making the cost of raw materials is lower than the industry average cost of about 65%, can not only improve the product price competitive advantage in the market, also makes the friction material quality improvement; on environmental protection, wet by water, starting from the first step of production and then suppress the dust float in the sky, there is no foreign emissions, workshop in the production process avoids the impact on workers of the body. For the malicious competition and interacting each other industry products, liaoning nine companies give full play to the role of the network information technology, set up their own sales network, unified brand, unified price, unified packaging, avoid malicious competition within the sales system." Professor tie-shan wang said.

For the traditional manufacturing industry, the key lies in the innovation of industry transformation and upgrading. Industrial innovation refers to the use of advanced technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, the formation of independent innovation ability, can grasp core technology, industry with strong market competitiveness. The ultimate goal of industrial innovation is the traditional high energy consumption, high pollution and low benefit industry into low energy consumption, low pollution and high benefit as the main symbol of industry.