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Of the 2016 international sealed exhibition will be opened in nanjing in May

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Approved by the state ministry of commerce, the Chinese association of friction sealing materials will be will be held in nanjing in May 18th international friction sealing materials technology exchange and product exhibitions.

Will be approved by the China ministry of civil affairs of the state was established, and by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council and the ministry of civil affairs of the business guidance, supervision and administration, entrusted by state-owned assets supervision and administration by the China building materials association hosting the national 4 a level of community organizations.

This meeting has been held annually for 17 years international friction sealing materials show, every year there are more than 30 countries and regions, more than 100 overseas giant and hundreds of top domestic industry giants in the form of exhibition or visit to participate in our event. This exhibition exhibition scale has been ranked first in the world of "friction sealing materials of professional activities, international friction sealing materials has become the most authoritative international event.

Compared with previous exhibition the exhibition has the following characteristics

A is the size of the exhibition to refresh the history records. Just the previous exhibition exhibition area of 7000 square meters, the exhibition contract area has reached 8500 square meters.

The second is the exhibition to get the written approval of the national ministry of commerce.

Third, the Chinese association of friction sealing materials will use the complete shift work of the exhibition. Join meeting, participants will witness a new session of the council.

For inviting businesses and exhibitors

A, overseas investment

The club who went to the United States, Europe, asean and other regions, to the relevant international exhibition and international meeting large flaunt activities; In the international car friction materials association website release information; Color printed English version of the publicity materials in detail, and in relevant international organizations and the relevant national exhibition and conference; Entrust association senior adviser widely contact invited abroad.

Second, the domestic investment

Invitation to the makers and all kinds of domestic users, to each big city auto parts city exhibition information; In the field of friction sealing materials related downstream users exhibition exhibition information.

Third, media propaganda

With the hc360 exclusive network media cooperation agreement; Using China friction sealing materials network and related network media; In the international friction sealing materials related website release information; By the auto industry related media; In the China automotive news ", journal of automobile and accessories, Shanghai automotive newspaper, a motorcycle magazine, China building materials newspaper, journal of China building materials and related media such as newspaper and nanjing local newspapers and magazines published investment promotion advertising.

Fourth, investment promotion materials

Printed 10000 copies of invitation to visit, direct mail, and sent staff to the nation and the world's major TTF attending conference will propaganda materials, attract more professionals to visit negotiate.

Fifth, invite downstream enterprises and media participation

Invite clutch, brake assembly, engine enterprises, friction sealing products important user and the key colleges and universities, research institutes free or preferential participation; Invite the media free exhibition.

The exhibition theme: the exhibition "to adapt to the new normal, reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading," as the theme, vigorously promote and implement the spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 18th, insist on innovation, coordination, the development of green, opening and sharing of ideas, organization counterparts at home and abroad to use association of in-depth communication platform, for the enterprise transformation of the mode of development and realize the transformation and upgrading, promoting friction sealing materials industry continue to develop health service.